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Experts in end-to-end supply of luxury stone worldwide.

Welcome to Sahura, we are purveyors of high quality stone specialising in marble. We invest and work with dedicated mining partners in South Asia. Our experienced geologists work with local experts to identify the finest quality stone. 

Our ethos is to work in harmony with the local community and bring benefit to the areas in which we source our materials.

We work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver the highest quality finished stone which we believe will delight and bring pleasure for generations to come.

From our base in Switzerland and offices in London we liaise with customers worldwide. Our team regularly visit locations through-out the Middle-East and are available to consult directly on large-scale projects.  

our supply

We have a vast quantity of selected premium materials available at any given time to fulfil project demand.


Marble is an evolution of limestone. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and sought-after materials in the design industry.

Marble is a moderately strong material, with diverse colouring and veining, associated with luxury, wealth and sophistication, making it the perfect choice material for high-end projects.


Onyx is smooth and non-porous, formed on the earth’s surface from spring water or groundwater that is calcite rich. Onyx has an undoubted global appeal for its luxurious and unique gem stone-esq appearance and wavy bands that fuse together in a fluid pattern, a true showstopper of a stone.

Onyx has translucent properties which make for the perfect pairing with backlighting, creating a soft glow further accentuating the colour and patterns of the stone. Onyx is one of the softer more delicate stones and as such is commonly used for fireplace surround’s, bar tops and decorative accent pieces.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock composed almost entirely of the mineral quartz. Typically, pure quartzite comes in varying degrees of white and grey, thus making it aesthetically comparable to marble.

However the beauty of quartzite is only one of its many qualities, quartzite hardness, durability and ease of maintenance make it comparable to granite in composition,  making quartzite a perfect choice for high traffic areas.


Limestones hardness and durability varies depending on the composition of the stone, but continues to have an array of uses and as such makes it a valued choice for architects in a number of different projects, ranging from wall cladding, floor tiles, balusters and bespoke projects such as fire place surrounds. In general Limestones non-slip and heat resistant properties are highly valued within in architectural projects.

Limestones colours can range from off whites, through to creams, beiges, browns, greys and close to black.



” The work of art is already within the block of marble. I just chop off whatever isn’t needed.”

– Auguste Rodin

Pietra D'Argento


Royal Black


Verona Beige


Royal Brown


Ocean Fossil


Atlantic White


Eris White